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Small Business Virtual Services

McMoran can help make the process of starting and running a business go that little bit smoother. With our Financial and Virtual Assistant solutions you can focus on making sales whilst we do the rest.

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[heading]More Services[/heading][column width=”1/3″ position=”first” ][feat_text title=”Financial Account Preparation” icon=”university”]We offer bespoke Bookkeeping/Accountancy services tailored to suit the needs and size of your business. Whether you are an individual or small business outsourcing your books to us will be a cost effective decision compared to hiring in-house.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”none” ][feat_text title=”Cashflow Forecasts” icon=”pencil”]Need help to predict peaks and troughs in your cash balance? or to enable better financial planning or to support a loan or credit application?  We have specialists who can advise and support you through this process giving you a full understanding of your business performance.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”last” ] [feat_text title=”VAT Submission” icon=”brush”]Does your business need to or want to register for VAT?  As part of our bookkeeping service we will record the VAT on sales and purchases ready for your VAT submission.  We can also act as your agent and can file your VAT returns on your behalf and can remind you when they are due and the deadline for payment.[/feat_text][/column][column width=”1/3″ position=”first” ][feat_text title=”Company Formation” icon=”download”]Are you looking to start a new business?  We offer support and training throughout your start up process and beyond if needed.  We can guide you through each step and have specialists that can help you at every stage.  We offer practical advice to help your business make sound decisions.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”none” ][feat_text title=”Annual Returns” icon=”graph”]Not sure when to file your annual return, need a reminder to ensure you don’t miss any filing dates and deadlines which could incur penalties?  We can compete and file your Company Annual Return for you.  We will remind you when your return is due and will ensure it is completed on time ensuring you do not fall foul of any penalties.[/feat_text] [/column] [column width=”1/3″ position=”last” ] [feat_text title=”Invoice Creation” icon=”heart”]Don’t have time to raise invoices and track payments?  Let us do this for you.  We can offer administrative support to your business if you are not ready to or are not in a position to hire staff or we can supplement your existing workforce as and when needed.[/feat_text][/column]

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[heading]Our Vision, Values & Mission[/heading]

To continually improve all aspects of our client’s business to reflect and illustrate the importance of taking instruction and exceling through performance giving them their success will be our reward

Selfless – Embrace the ideas of others as genius often comes dressed as a fool.
Listen – to the customer with the intent to understand, not with the intent to just reply
Understanding – to understand solves problems and a shared understanding drives efficiencies
Support – We support so you can do.

To support businesses to achieve their goals, in doing so we will achieve ours

[/column][column width=”1/3″ position=”last” ][testimonials heading=”Client Testimonials” auto_scroll=”yes”][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Bruce Elliott” author_title=”Director, JUVAPRO”]Wow, just the service we were looking for! Stunning clean design, element rich, clean code, browser friendly and easy to manage. Keep up the good work McMoran![/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Liam Moore” author_title=”Managing Director, MEGAMOORE”]On extremely short notice, McMoran came up with the perfect design I previously envisioned for my company. Thank you for the personal touch, understanding and responsiveness to all our needs![/testimonial][testimonial width=”1/2″ author=”Dale Hawkins” author_title=”Partner, UK PLANT OPERATORS”]Awesome design! Very intuitive to use, clean coded, and easy to manage. Rated 5 stars! Will recommend to all our partners and friends! Thanks a lot again![/testimonial][/testimonials][/column]

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